Speakers placed against back wall

Newby needs help!

Can anyone provide some speaker suggestions for someone who has very limited choices for speaker location? My speakers will need to be within 6 inches of back wall in an appx 1000 sq foot space [family room plus kitchen area, hall]. Demo-ed the 1.6 and 2.4 Thiels, and could not belive how much worse they were against the wall. PSB Synchrony 1 did better [but cabs were too orange/red cherry].

Older Carver amp north of 300 watts/channel, so power not a problem. Have Velodyne DD-10 sub for lows.

Trying to stay under $4 grand, and need dark cherry cabs, small footprint [height not a problem] to achieve "spousal acceptance factor" often referenced in these forums.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.
2nd the Guru's ...also heard at the the HT entertaiment show in NY and sounds very good and very small indeed, bass was very tight and everyone was looking around for the subwoofer...can't beat the price also.
Thanks for all of the great ideas! First time on Audiogon, and overwhelmed by everyone taking time to give me some ideas. Once I sort through, will definitely let you guys know what I ended up with.

Itball, was hoping someone would suggest Tyler, as he can do custom finishes for my significant other.

Tyler might also be able to do some custom tuning for your close placement situation as well. Another person you might want to have a discussion with is Duke (Audiokinesis). There aren't many people that know as much about speakers as he does.
B&W made a version of the 805 that hangs on the wall.
805 scm?
Saw some in the signature finish too.
I have my Zu Definition MK2s close to the wall. They are a bit pricey, but the less expensive Zu Druids may work there as well. And Zu does custom paint finishes. If you think that you are interested, you should call the company and talk to Sean or Adam. They have a reputation for being very approachable.