Speakers: same brand?

So how important is it for all speakers to be the same brand in a 7.1 system? I have a total mix and max system. My fronts are Tekton; center and sides Q Acoustics; and rear old Cambridge.

Thinking about getting a Tekton center, but not sure how important it is.





The two fronts and center should be the same brand.  It's much less important on the sides and rear.  I'd get the Tekton center.

It is very important the center is the same as left and right. Most dialog on HT comes from center (85% of sound) it needs the same character as others. 

Certainly does help to have all the same. But it isn’t as important.

Thanks guys. That’s what I was thinking that the voicing of the fronts and center should be the same. An excuse to get more gear!