speakers similar to focal kanta 1

I have reached a point in building my system where I think I should consider a speaker upgrade.

My system is Aurender N10, Yggdrasil, Raven audio Blackhawk.

Current speakers are Focal Aria 906 bookshelf.

I like the 906's and have had them for a couple of years.  But, having upgraded the streamer and dac I feel  the speakers now could be better.  I feel the 906's should be replaced with something with higher resolution


I cam to this conclusion because I tried a N20 in the system.  It clearly had a higher resolution than the N10.  I felt like the speakers couldn't handle this higher resolution, and I ended up preferring the N10.  The soundstage with the N20 wasn't as coherent as with the N10 and my guess is that the speakers weren't good enough and the $ spent on the n20 would be better used for upgraded speakers and maybe dac.


So, liking the 906's I thought of focal kanta 1's but they are quite pricey and I am wondering if there are suggestions of something similar but not quite so expensive.  Fritz maybe?  It took me quite a few tries to find a speaker I liked.  I definitely don't want too bright.  I used to easily get listening fatigue, but since getting the N10 and the yggy this is no longer a problem.


Thanks for any help.


Good deals to be had on the Aria towers now as they just came out with the evo version.

My current favorite 2 way are the Paradigm Persona B. $7k a pair and fussy to electronics and placement, but if I wanted a 2 way and was starting from scratch I'd buy those and pair them with the Pathos Logos mk2 and keep them a few feet from early reflection points like a tv or sidewall.