Speakers sounding dull? MUST READ! The truth about speaker design!

Do your speakers sound dull and lifeless?  Well that's because speakers are not made from real musicians, or even real musical instruments.  Well I alone have a solution for this...




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...take care with that TestyTiming.....😟 

If f'd up, the back wheels only allow a 'pivot setting' .....both will only turn clockwise.

Whereas the front wheels will steer to lock on L and Stay there.

And for the coup de grâce, the Testy Tesla will begin to accelerate, briskly, all the way to floored..... 

It takes awhile, but eventually the batteries will discharge.

Hopefully before the tires wear out to the rims...

Have fun, J

...probably where The Elon got the id for the Boring 'chine....

figures... 😏