Audiophile equipment is new to me, though old(er).
For the last few years I'v been trying various speakers: Some can benefit from a sub, I believe. Currently I own Tylers Mini, Rain Makers, Silverline SR11&&17, ERA D4 and most recently a pair of Triangle 202, which I like alot.
Yes, I'm infected and probably need help. I'm therapist, which is of zero help, of course...save the humour.

I presently use an inexpensive Yamaha sub. My room is 10x12, 10 ft ceilings. Power is Harmon Kardon 3470 or NAD 7175 PE. Any suggestion for an all around good sub with flexibility for the various speakers and those to come?

Thanks in advance. Cheers.

Have you heard any of the DRC systems (ala Audyssey). If not, you may want to audition one. Try it in a small room. I can't guarantee that you'll like the result, but I'd be shocked if you couldn't hear the difference.

As Drew notes in his post, a corrected sub will fix a lot of problems between 40hz and 60hz and, as he also pointed out, it will address room induced issues at and above 100hz, if crossed high enough to do so. IME, if the program material has any information in this band, you will hear those room effects very clearly -even in a small space.

I made the direct comparison some time ago in a 10'x12'x8' room and the delta between the DRC bypass and DRC engaged was DRAMATICALLY audible.


I am new to Audiogon and need similar advice on a sub selection. My room is a bit bigger 15x12x12. I recently slipped a grand piano in there and have the piano disc system receiving midi files via iTunes through an airport express, yes it is quite enjoyable. The accompaniments and non-midis are being performed by my B&W Nautilus 802's. Power is a Krell Kav250 & a Parasound HCA2200. I have a POS Polk sub that was bought from Kmart 5 years ago.... :). Anyway, I'm a rookie here and need a sub that will do the job. I had my eye on a Velodyne DD18 but after reading the thread I'm thinking I need professional advice.

Thanks in advance. craig
'I don't feel right recommending a specific one as I have limited experience with them.'

Then why make the recommendation at all. Those names throw you for a loop?? NAD & Harman Kardon :)
I have the Optimum 12 and it beats my friend's JL f112. Did a side bt side and the Velodyne was deeper and tighter. We used the mics for both. The JL had trouble with it's in room EQ. The Velodyne finished in 20 seconds. There is an almost $2,000 difference. It's your money...
I am a newbie after being out of this for 15 years. I recently added a Totem Storm to my old Celestion SL6 si speakers. The improvement in the system was amazing. I don't have a broad knowledge of subs but I can say that I am happy with the Totem.