Speakers suggestion help

Hi, I have come across 3 different pair of speakers within the same price.. It's hard for me to pick one... please suggest..
- Focal Electra 1038 BE - B&W 805 D3 - Focal JM Lab Diva Utopia.

I plan to add a sub into the system so bass is not a factor, I need a high and clear vocal mid-range...
Amp - Prima Luna EVO 400

Thank you.

The Utopias are a pretty old design. Focal's tweeter has come a long since these were introduced. Also, with the Electras you probably don't need a subwoofer at all. The Electras were a great series - in some respects superior to the Kantas that replaced them. Easy to position, exciting "up front" imaging and great prat. Just my two cents.
I've heard Focal a number of times and own their desk top ($700!) and never was impressed. To my ears kind of lifeless. I own B and W CM9 and find them excellent. But the top of my list is Monitor Audio PL 100 II, which I got here for 1/2 price when they were less than a year old. Superb all round speaker--warm, clear, wide stage. They go down to 40 but I have a PSB450 sub and that peels the paint off the wall. 
So, for what it's worth, my rec is B and W if it's those three, but check out MA as well. 
Diva utopia that’s it . And only only only utopias you will never ever look for anything else 
Guy, thank you for all your feed back, I finally acquired the Focal Electra 1008 BE, it's sound great even without the sub.