Speakers that accurately reproduce a drumset

What speakers accurately reproduce a drumset including kickdrum, toms, snares and cymbals? The speakers need to be fast enough to reproduce the attack transients and move enough air to provide visceral impact. IMHO very few speakers do both.
I think my Apogee Duetta Signatures do this very well, best I've had. I also have a pair of Vmps Supertowers, deeper bass but not as real sounding. I watched Diana Krall live in Paris Dvd last night and that was one of the things that struck me about the Apogee's. Great Dvd by the way, DTS surround!!

Go with horns. The secret to drums is dynamics, and you just can't beat the dynamics of a well designed horn system. Of course there's a huge gap between a well designed horn system and the average horn system, so YMMV.

Wilsons...the bigger the better. On a more modest scale, ProAcs. This is one area where box speakers have it all over panels.
And / Or fix the bottom end by getting a really good subwoofer like a REL Stadium, Stento, or Studio.