Speakers that are good with tubes

I have see several recommendations against tube amps powering certain speakers. But which speakers are known to really like time amps, especially high powered tube amps?


@noske Rogue Audio for one. Tube amps aren’t going to double power like you suspect, they are not the same as a solid state amp. Power is going to nominally the same at each tap but the output voltage will change. Of course, it’s best to consult the amp manufacturer for their opinion but I’ve had zero issues driving <8ohm loads on my 8 ohm transformer taps on my tube amp. 

@carlsbad Those electrostatics are pictured under the definition of "listening fatigue" in the dictionary, I think. Still, a step up from any box.

As for Maggies, do what I did with my customers back in the day. Have your dealer bring a pair out, set them up properly IN YOUR ROOM, which is the most important part of any system, and see if you feel you have the best possible reproduction of what the source provides, which may or may not be very good.

If you don’t like them, buy what YOU LIKE. You asked what speakers were good with tube amps. I answered as honestly as I could. Since no one else seems to have suggested Maggies--OK, I didn’t read EVERY post--I did. I don’t see how this makes this a "Magneplaner thread," but if you feel that way, then I guess it is.

@hilde45 Sorry, I don’t know those speakers as well as I know Maggies. OP should have his dealer bring out one of each until he finds WHAT HE LIKES best.

It is that ONLY WAY to purchase anything, IMO.



Out 40wpc mono blocks drove the YG Acoustic Carmel speakers with ease and outperformed the $16K Class D amps no contest.

I do not doubt your outcome. I’m a very firm believer in the sonic attributes of high quality class A amplifiers. Not to everyone’s approval these days given the “Green” mindset prevalent in these times. I suspect that your class A tube amplifier sounds fantastic!


@tubeguy76  I am still trying to figure out Ralph's paper on the issue, and other sources - I am happy to stand corrected.

When I bought my EL34 push-pull Class A tube amp from the bloke who made it he specifically asked what ohms my speakers were.  I said rated at 8, with a brief dip to 6 somewhere.

That's fine, it won't stress anything.

Because he also included a 4 ohm tap in tediously hand-winding the transformers.

In the foreseeable future I may consult with him about making a tube pre-amp, and I'll be much more prepared to ask him difficult questions and actually discuss issues.