Speakers that are RAP music proof

Hi there I and most of my friends listen to rap and hip hop. I am always afraid of it on my system as its almost always equalized for Car Audio.

In a car you typically crossover your highs around 160HZ give or take. Based on this I am looking for an older pair of speakers in the 400-800 range that are a good solid go to with a 200+ WPC SS Amp.

Legacy Focus's are Ideal minus the price tag as they have a 12" Mid woofer for 80-300 HZ easing the work from the 6.5" Mids. I am looking for something like this that looks decent and sounds great that I can install for friends with a couple hundred watts and will rock with subwoofers

Infinity, JBL, VMPS?


In a large room, I really like Klipsch Fortes. They are really great speakers and a bargain in the used market.

Should do a pretty good job with rap too.

Good luck!
Bose makes a pro version of the 901 called the 802. They will play VERY LOUD. You can get them with or without subs.

Actually, even the 901's with some subs would do quite well.
You guys are awesome, My cousin has fond memories of the 901's in his dorm back in the 80's,
Cerwin Vegas were awesome when I was a kid and I would call them great beer drinking speakers!

I'll Look into the Klipsch forte's, I am getting over all my preconceived notions (I've never been much for JBL or Klipsch but I havent heard much of the older gear, I was tainted by the cheap newer stuff in my early adulthood) But I reaaly want to get into the older JBL's

NHT 2.9 Looked awesome havent checked out the 3.3

And Schipo, Dude It aint about what you listen to, Its being connected to the music and having it invoke an emotional response. I listen to everything including just getting into Etta James, She Can Freaking sing man! But I'm sorry for coming back but it offends me to see people not welcoming the younger generation. It is attitudes like that that have created the IPOD Dock boom IMHO! The Idea that HI-FI is just for classical or opera is what is KILLING THE INDUSTY IMHO, I feel we need to educate people again that even the boy bands (God I hate them!)girls listen too can sound awesome on nice little system. There was a time people were about LISTENING TO MUSIC, Lets bring that lousiana vibe worldwide!
Check out my listing on a pair of Cerwin vega CLS 215. 1 year old. Two 15" drivers per speaker and a great smooth sound.
PA speakers are also an option. Jbl eon, qsc, mackie, even behringher if you want low cost. Size can be a factor however. Most of these are self amplified too.

Ifs its a small space, Studio monitors. KRK sts6, KRK K rok, and powered versions like the v8, v6, the rokit series. brands like m-audio (bx8)., Tannoy, samson, yamaha, behringher, nht pro,

Lastly you can go classic. OHM L, jbl century 100, boston acoustics a100, klipsch heresy, ads l710, m&k s100b with a sub

People are dumping older big box subs so pick up a couple on the cheap to fill in on the low end.