Speakers that are RAP music proof

Hi there I and most of my friends listen to rap and hip hop. I am always afraid of it on my system as its almost always equalized for Car Audio.

In a car you typically crossover your highs around 160HZ give or take. Based on this I am looking for an older pair of speakers in the 400-800 range that are a good solid go to with a 200+ WPC SS Amp.

Legacy Focus's are Ideal minus the price tag as they have a 12" Mid woofer for 80-300 HZ easing the work from the 6.5" Mids. I am looking for something like this that looks decent and sounds great that I can install for friends with a couple hundred watts and will rock with subwoofers

Infinity, JBL, VMPS?


What you want is a large array of 6X9 Spark-o-Matics, for that 20% bass pre-distortion, to easier emulate the sound of rattling car interior panels. I just love that distant farting sound that so tunefully emits from a 95 Lexus...maybe it's the fancy wheels.
"Just remember, Systembuilder, if you're going to play that music loud, make sure that your 200 watt amp is top-notch"

Dont worry about that I am a firm believer in amplification. I would never go with less than a Adcom 555 or 5500

Also has anyone tried out Crest amps Specifically the CA Series?

Thanks for all the input I really appreciate it

My guess is that all Polk speakers will do what you want. Also, the Infinity Primus line of speakers. Theses will play loud enough and with great quality sound.