Speakers that are RAP music proof

Hi there I and most of my friends listen to rap and hip hop. I am always afraid of it on my system as its almost always equalized for Car Audio.

In a car you typically crossover your highs around 160HZ give or take. Based on this I am looking for an older pair of speakers in the 400-800 range that are a good solid go to with a 200+ WPC SS Amp.

Legacy Focus's are Ideal minus the price tag as they have a 12" Mid woofer for 80-300 HZ easing the work from the 6.5" Mids. I am looking for something like this that looks decent and sounds great that I can install for friends with a couple hundred watts and will rock with subwoofers

Infinity, JBL, VMPS?


If you truly want Audiophile quality and I assume put some big power on your speakers, this is a tough question... I suppose Klipsh or maybe some old Altec's would typically handle it. Basically, look for the largest voice coils and highest crossover frequencies and you have a shot for them to live. If you want it to sound good, but not hard core audiophile, I would recommend BagEnd. Yes, Legacy Focus would be great.

Thanks man, Its really frustrating being a serious music lover and Audiophile and dealing with the Bias and dis regard for the younger generation


Thanks a million, I love the old school 80's rappers (You know slick rick made it to the top and on videos with one eye, now thats talent) and to quote Humpty Hump (Shock G from Digital Underground) "So Humpty, Why do you wear a funny nose and glasses" "IT GETS ATTENTION"

Dave Wilson is the man, My tech worked with him and I have talked to 2 other folks around who have met him and all consider him a very nice guy.

I am running a Pair of Nautilus 803S's right now which have a crossover of 350 for the mid range but with no excursion capabilities (2 MM of excursion is maxing out what the driver is capable of) I love their sound but am afraid to pound them, I have heard alot of great things about old Altecs, I appreciate all the help. (These are for me I was asking for my friends when I set them up with a system)

And to all those who feel good about criticizing other peoples taste in music, I am not going out of my way to criticize how you live or what you do for fun, and do you want this to be a club for elitests who do nothing but sit in their exact listening position and focus analy on whether or not they perfectly hear that trumpet in the 4th row back, or real people having a good time listening to music and actually bringing the industry back as oppose to music being a total background thing for my generation.

I love my HI-FI but I dont sit in my seat and listen crucially unless I am trying to review a piece, I play music and do what needs to be done and rock out when I get the chance.

My friends all buy Onkyo HTIB's Etc. because they dont know whats out there, also when Magnolia was closing I went with my best friend with around 15K to spend between the both of us and no one would even approach us or give us the time of day, It was only because I new one of their head designers and said hey, Asked to buy from him but he cant sell just design, so he turned us on to a salesman who has become my friend since but we were their for at least 45 minutes telling salesman we wanted to buy Mcintosh gear and we brought cash. THIS CANNOT HAPPEN! Folks under 30 have money and still want to buy 2 channel, not alot but were out their and are sick of being treated poorly, Why do you think Hi-FI Sales are down but IPOD Docks and small stereos (Aiwa, Audiovox etc.) are at an all time high?

To all the positive folks I have encountered (99%) thank you and keep enjoying the music to the other 1% grow up yall, I said it along time ago and still stick with it "Folks who listen to ICP (Insane Clown Posse, Lowest Common Denominator music) have no better or worse taste in music than you or me" We all listen for emotional impact, Lets stick with respectful commentary on a forum that is based on aiding people listening needs for enjoyment, not bashing people for not liking the same thing as you.
I find myself recommending the same 2 "older" pieces of gear over and over again on these boards because they offer such great value on the used market and seem to do a lot of the things folks request in threads like this. Anyway - find yourself NHT 3.3's and, should you need an amp for them use an Aragon 8008BB.
very well said!!! i am also in the "younger generation" and feel the same as you do. i listen to music because it moves me, not because its a reference track that shows off my stereo. i dont sit for hours on end in a sweet spot and analyze every little thing, i could care less. if the music sounds good to me then thats all i care about.