Speakers that can reveal orchestral instruments' positions

Can you tell the positions of instruments in orchestra from your favorite orchestral music CD/SACD/LP/...?
For example, horns and percussion from the back and strings from the front?
Telling the left and right positions are not that hard, but the front and back? 
If your answer is convincing yes, could you tell me about your speakers/amps/source/cartridge and the recording?
I could feel a little bit of 3D imaging on my Apogee Diva, but not as much as I could when I listen to orchestral music from live concerts. I feel far less from my Harbeth C7es and Tyler Linbrook signature systems. 

I have a new pair of X series Spatial Audio speakers that just stun me with their realism.  Great OB speakers created by the research of Clayton Shaw.  Best value and best representation of OB speakers on the market today.  Of course, your other components make it happen also.  I have a Don Sachs pre, Carver tube amp, all fed by a tube DAC.  Finest system I've had.  I spend a lot of my time listening to music lately.
I think omnidirectional speakers generally have very large soundspaces but may be a bit less detailed in their 3d. Try to see if you like this or a more focused 3d from a conventional speaker.

I heard the Bacch SP processor at an audio show. It alters the signal to make the left-right separation even clearer. Very interesting but pretty expensive. I don't know if they affect the depth also, might or might not. See if you have any dealer around you that can demo them.

I recently heard the Spatial Audio M3 Sapphire speakers at the Florida Audio Expo and was stunned by the SQ for such an affordable speaker. They just seemed to get all the notes correct without any exaggeration of bass, mids or treble. Congrats on your X Series decision.

I recently upgraded my pre-amp and power amp to a used Anthem AVM 20 pre ($200) and classDaudio Studio power ($700).  These significantly improved the clarity of my 1989 Martin Logan CLS ii's, which I've had for 31 years.
I've purchased two used Anthem AVM 20's for $200 and $300 (new they were $4,000).  I'm using the "2 Ch z Anlg-DSP Main" and "All chan Stereo" playback mode on the Anthem.

I'm streaming all music from a Dell pc, using VLC for audio playback.  I'm also using commercial xlr interconnect cables.
By improved clarity, I'm hearing much more of the backing musicians in performances and improved sound stage in better recordings.  I recently got a "City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra" recording "the essential James Bond".  Yeah, but it is the best orchestra recording I've found yet.  Stunning performance, dynamic audio, no spot mics, and the fullest soundstage I've heard.  Even the original movie soundtracks sound compressed compared to this recording.
Re-listening everything I've got, I find even mundane pop/rock hits from the 60's/70's with stunning audio quality, composition, and performances.  Songs with "spacing" that allow you to hear the details of the performance.

The Dramatics "What you see is what you get"
The Undisputed Truth "Smiling Faces Sometimes Don't Tell the Truth"Friends of Distinction "Grazing In The Grass"
Herb Albert "A Taste of Honey"Carly Simon "The Right Thing To Do"Peter, Paul and Mary "A'soalin","Gone The Rainbow", "Bamboo", "Sorrow", "500 Miles"Mamas & Papas "Go Where You Wanna Go"
Speaker placement for my CLS's has been the 1/3  rule at most places.  Speakers 1/3 distance from front wall, listening position 1/3 from back wall.  CLS's separation about the same as the distance from CLS's to listening position.
Just a thought.

Keep trying to get a live concert in your listening room, good luck with that, other that that do what janewyman suggested & drop some acid.