Speakers that have wide horizontal dispersion

I need your advice on the best used speakers for a room that is 22 by 22 with a 14 foot cathedral ceiling. Primary listening is classical, jazz, vocal. I'd like advice on those speakers that have a wide horizontal dispersion so that someone doesn't have to sit in a precise location to hear the best sound. Budget is $1500-2,000. Thanks.
Second the Ohm Walsh. The 100 M3 are in your price range and with adequate power will do the job very nicely. I'm pushing 60w/ch and the speakers are rated to 150W/CH.

They throw an amazingly wide soundstage are very quick & dynamic, go down to 30 hz (in M2 cabinets). I'm a very satisfied customer. I've had them for about 2 yars now.
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The Totem Model 1 sounds great all over the room, as do many of their other models. Used, they would fit your budget.
I always thought my dunlavy sc3's did a good job;I would think sc4's or sc5's would even be better.