Speakers that mate well with Plinius 9200

I am looking for a set of speakers. I just purchased the 9200 and my room is apx 17 x 24. I like all kinds of music. Any suggestions? What are others using with the 9200?
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It would be helpful to know more about the general sound you prefer, but I have been using a Plinius 8200 MkII for a few years now. I really liked my Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors (with Taylo stands). The system sounded so good that I actually (and unwittingly!) ended up selling a couple of pairs of speakers for Ty.

I recently moved to a larger apartment where I have more space to work with. Accordingly, I just moved up to the Linbrook Monitors (with Linbrook stands), and they are an improvement in my now larger room. More detail and larger soundstage. Either one of these speakers would be worth considering.

You could get the Taylo's with stands for $1000-1200 used. Or you could get the Linbrook's with stands for approximately $2000.

Hope that helps.
I also have an 8200 and drive Tyler Linbrook System 2s with it. For me that are a very good match, enjoyable musically and none fatiquing. A little out of the range you want to spend, but Ty offers quality 'used' speakers. I both the Linbrooks and Taylo 7Us for a second system that way and am very happy.
Totem speakers and Plinius work very well together and would fall within your budget.
Regards Steve