Speakers that mate well with Plinius 9200

I am looking for a set of speakers. I just purchased the 9200 and my room is apx 17 x 24. I like all kinds of music. Any suggestions? What are others using with the 9200?
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Totem speakers and Plinius work very well together and would fall within your budget.
Regards Steve
I have seen a few posts that say Dynaudio have a good synergy with Plinius. I can not affort the 3.4 right now, are there any less expensive models that sound good?
There are a pair of Dyn 3.0s for sale now with a matching center channel for $3k that would be a great match. Budget stretcher but actually a good deal on a great speaker.


btw- I'm not the seller nor do I even know who he or she is... Just thought I would bring it to your attention.