speakers that rock

Ok i give up, i own a pair of GMA callisto's and hammer lite sub, i listen mostly to hard rock and even though the callisto's do a decent job i've found myself playing less music , i need to replace this speakers with something that was designed to rock, any suggestions ? my budget is 3k.
Klipsch RF7 will play Rock loud with dynamics and punch, plus you can find them for about $1K or so.
JBL L100 Century or the JBL 4311 Studio Monitors. Probably the best rock-n-roll speakers ever made.
I second the Emerald Physics and with their new model hitting the streets, a good buy can be had on lightly used CS2's.
What is the rest of the system?

I'd look at PSB Synchrony series, refurbed OHM Hs, or the biggest OHM Walshes you can find that fits your room, but you will need a juicier amp for the Walshes.