speakers that rock

Ok i give up, i own a pair of GMA callisto's and hammer lite sub, i listen mostly to hard rock and even though the callisto's do a decent job i've found myself playing less music , i need to replace this speakers with something that was designed to rock, any suggestions ? my budget is 3k.
Paradigm Studio 100's. Excellent value for the money and they are excellent for rock music (I own the Studio 60's). Heck, they even LOOK like they can rock!
Vintage Altecs. From the Model 14s up to the Model 19s would rock your socks off. And can be had from about $400 up to $1500 for a nice pair.
Klipsch Chorus II are superb speakers that rock out. You get incredible dynamics and clarity like a live performance. They're extremely efficient (101db), so it doesn't take a big amp to drive a pair, and they are very forgiving with less than stellar gear. Klipsch Forte II are also superb speakers that rock (99db), and both of these floor standing models can be found on Audiogon used at very affordable prices (under $800)...
Klipsch Palladium P-39F sounded very dynamic and lively to these years. Demoed with
Earth, Wind, Fire,
Pink Floyd


However, a little expensive. Another speaker I liked with similar tunes was Thiel CS3.7.