Speakers that sound like Usher Be-20s/10s

I am looking for speakers. I am a fan of the Usher sound - superb 3d soundstage, excellent leading edge dynamics, great attack and transients that make one jump out of the chair. I am considering the BE20s/10s in the used market but given their huge size and room requirements and low availability in the used market I am in two minds. Can anyone recommend a speaker that sounds similar? Especially previous Usher owners? I was considering Revel Salon 2s but got the impression that they are a little un-exciting and don't have a good attack (I may be mistaken)
My amp - Rotel 1090
I don't use subs for stereo anymore. I tried in the past and never could get the sound musical, in fact all I did was inch speakers around without ever enjoying the music. I'll make it work with 2 speakers or sell the lot and buy a nice pair of cans!
All of my Usher clients move up to Rosso Fiorentino. It's an obvious move but comparable models are much more expensive, albeit well worth the difference. 
these be20 dmd's are  the best sounding speakers i've had in my room and i've had several. to busy listening to do a write up but anybody with an opportunity to hear these should.