Speakers to build a $6500 system around

I am frustrated with all the speaker choices available in the $2k range. There's just too many! I listen to all music types but I lean towards jazz, vocals and reggae. I have a bedroom system consisting of an Rega Apollo cd player, Music Angel EL34 integrated pushing an old pair of Energy 4.1e's which I enjoy very much. However, this set-up in my larger tiled family room just doesn't cut it. Can someone recommend a source,full range speaker and integrated combo that can deliver "you are there" kind of sound for around $6500? My room is not ideal. It measures 16' x 20'. One side opens out to a dining area. I have to place these speakers against the long wall. I would really appreciate any opinions on speakers in the $2000 dollar range that I can really build something special upon. Thanks!
I agree with Johnnyb53 re: room treatment(!) but, not about Canadian speakers :-).
09-01-09: Ejineffect
Develyn50, what speakers are you listening to?

I am using Harbeth 7es 3's.
Gsm18439 you might agree with 213cobra, but I believe in buying amps for speakers, not speakers for amps.