Speakers to compare to Dynaudio Confidence C4

I am upgrading current system and wanted to get advice on speakers to compare to Dynaudio C4. I like these speakers very much (do not have them, but have listened to them a bunch) - find them very accurrate, with deep (almost 3-d) soundstage that really brings me into the music. Definatley not a soft, round sound. I am in the $20-$30k budget area and wanted to see if anyone could suggest other speakers that I should auditon that are similar to the C4s in terms of musicality.
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Plenty of options here: Magico V3s, Rockport Ankaa's, Wilson Sashas, Sonus Faber Elipsas, Sonus Faber Amati Anniversarios, Avalon Indra, and Verity Parsifal Ovations. I have heard the Magicos, Rockports, Sonus Faber (Elipsas), and Verity Parsifal Ovations. I would say all these speakers are highly resolving/detailed and able to soundstage/image very nicely. The difference will be a matter of taste and presentation. I would say the more resolving speakers in this list will be the Wilson Sashas, the Magicos, the Avalons, and the Verity Parsifals. Good luck and happy shopping.
A lot of great speakers to choose from in that price range. The list provided by Cmalak would be a great place to start. Take your time and be sure to take into account your room size, potential placement / WAF issues, amplification requirements and music preferences. I owned the C4's for approx. 18 months, but bought them at a very reasonable used price from a fellow local audiophile... however, if I had your budget of $20 to $30K, I'd make sure I took my time and enjoyed the journey.
I would try to audition as many of the speakers listed above as possible. I would also suggest Vandersteen 5a and Areil Acoustics 20T v2. These are all very good speakers,
From what others on this site say, I think that you should check out Evolution Acoustics.
Dangelod...are you starting from scratch in terms of building a system or do you have amplification in place in an existing system. As Pdreher points out all too well, you should definitely think about speaker/amp and speaker/room match to optimize your selection. Enjoy the ride and let us know how the auditioning process is coming along :-)