Speakers to compare to Dynaudio Confidence C4

I am upgrading current system and wanted to get advice on speakers to compare to Dynaudio C4. I like these speakers very much (do not have them, but have listened to them a bunch) - find them very accurrate, with deep (almost 3-d) soundstage that really brings me into the music. Definatley not a soft, round sound. I am in the $20-$30k budget area and wanted to see if anyone could suggest other speakers that I should auditon that are similar to the C4s in terms of musicality.
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have you considered adopting?

I know one at least that would love to help out on just such a project, and if it doesn't work out for you, the gear you don't care that much for could be given to him as a present!
I have cponsidered the temptations too tall/much in the space - 8 ft ceilings --> i do knwo dynaudio speaker array is supposed to take the floor and ceil9ng out of the "sound equation" ....
IMO If you have listened to and enjoyed the C4s seems youve answered your own question
Agree with toetap - The dynaudios are excellent, and if you already know that you like them, go with them. The others mentioned in this thread have different presentations, notably the verity and the sonus faber having far less visceral dynamics. The C4 is tough to beat if you like that clear and dynamic sound.