Speakers to hang on to for LIFE

After 9 years with my Proac Response 3s, I recently decided to change speakers. As you can tell, I'm not an upgrade fever patient. I want something I can live with for years & I think the best advice I'm gonna get will be from those who have & are still living with their speakers for an extended period of time. Please tell me why too. Thanks.Bob.
After playing on the music-go-round for a number of years I've settled on the Shihinian Arc's. I don't have a large space to fill with music and am not interested in pin point accuracy. The soundstage is marvelous and I've yet to tire of my set-up.
Altough Shihinian has recently, for the first time ever, upgraded the Oblisk's.
I've very tempted.
Gershman Sonogram - just purchased these and I think I will be their owner for many years to come.

I do not have the luxury of a large room, but wanted floor standers and as it turns out these are one of the best I have heard in a very long while. Easy to place (i.e. they don't mind corners), very fast, reasonably sensitive, nice frequency range, gorgeous sound stage and extremely musical.
VERITY! Well, with over 500 responses you'll be spending so much time reading you won't have time for listening, BUT... I went through about 20 speakers, INCLUDING PROACs, which were always my favorites. In fact, I STILL own the Response 2 and use it in a smaller room. I LOVED the Response 3 because it got to the emotional core of the music, along with all the audiophile stuff, and it BOOGIED. So what did I finally settle on "for life". Well, 6 years ago I came upon a demo VERITY PARSIFAL ENCORE, bought it, and I have not desired another speaker since. I mention this story because if you like your ProAcs, you will LOVE the Verity. Now, Verity has moved beyond the Parsifal Encore to the Ovation and several other models, which I've not heard, but if you can get ahold of a used Parsifal Encore or get a chance to hear their newer models, I think it would be worthwhile for you. The Verities are voiced very similar to the ProAcs but have more inner detail, really pull off the disappearing act, are fairly easy to drive and never leave me wanting. After 6 years, I still look forward to firing them up. They are also great as you change associated equipment, they are revealing but maintain their agreeable nature.
Holy crap, I just realized this thread started back in the Middle Ages. The guy who started it may be dead by now. Hope somebody can benefit from my comments about going from ProAc to Verity.