Speakers to pair with Elicit-R / Rega Planar 6?

I am in the market for a pair of floorstanding loudspeakers for a medium size room. I have:

Rega Planar 6
Shiit Mani phono preamp
Rega Elicit-R

I have not heard compelling things about Rega’s speakers and wanted to get any recommendations on a speaker set that might pair well? I play classical/pop music mostly.  

Budget < $3k

Thanks so much for any feedback you have!
Have you ever considered Magnepan’s? I don’t know what you have for an amp or the size of your room But you could Magnepan 1.7i and a REL Acoustics T/5i subwoofer. The Maggies are ~$2k depending on options. The REL costs $599 at UpscaleAudio.com. Total less $3K.

I have the 1.7is and a REL Strata III subwoofer. They make music sound real. You read reviews about 1.7i on The Absolute Sound.


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I have a used pair of Magnepans 3.5R.  I purchased it a few years back for less than 2k.  I have the Rega RP6 with Rega Aria pre.  Bunch of tube gears and the system really sings.
Great amp.  Try Harbeth Compact 7’s.  I had great success with a pair of Audio Note AN E’s and the Elicit as well.