Speakers to pair with Quicksilver mid mono

Preface: I know virtually nothing about high end audio. My step dad passed away a couple years ago and he had counterpoint preamp, amp and Klipsch corner horn speakers. After he passed, the amp broke and my local audio store (Fred’s Sound of Music in Portland) recommended a pair of quicksilver mid monos to replace the counterpoint. So I purchased those for my mom to continue using the system.  She no longer can use the system, so it’s now mine  

I’m now selling the corner horns because I don’t have the space for speakers that large. 

I’m looking for good speakers to pair with the counterpoint pre amp and the QS mid monos. 

I understand that the tubes inform what speakers pair best. The tubes on these are Tesla E 34 L  513 and the small ones E88cc

from reading other posts, here are some answers:

 It will be setup in a large  great room with the speakers up higher, about 7’ off the ground with 14’ ceilings. 

I mostly listen to 60s/70s and mostly Grateful Dead. 

I really liked the sound of the corner horns. My parents listened to mostly jazz. 

Max budget is $2,000 for a pair but I’d prefer to spend significantly less.  I have no preference on new or used.

forgive my ignorance. I’m trying to learn as much as I can.  

thank you!



I own QS Mid Monos with NOS Tesla EL34s. My Zu Dirty Weekends sound great paired with them so I might look at the smaller footprint Zu DSWs. 

Another vote for JBL or Klispch.  The current JBL, LS100’s can be had for@$2000 and the Klispch Hersey lV’s for a bit more.  Although you might want a sub with the Heresy’s.  Darn it, the spell check keeps changing the name.

All the best.

Klipsch….wonder why room surfaces are included in the naming convention for 2 models….. low risk, since you like K horns…. easy get Heresy load on shelves, bass up, tweeter down

Echo in Portland can probably help ya move the K’s