Speakers under $5000 maintained a reputation for quality sound over the last 15 years.

I am curious what speakers at $5000 or less that  have maintained their reputation for great sound over the last 12 years without major upgrades. 

Thank you.


Vandersteen's have always kept their value as well or better than most since they don't change that often.  They are a top value to begin with (at all price levels), so they are going to always be a good value on the open market.  

Companies that come out with a new model or mark whatever every two years hurt their own resale value.  Just look up on the site as to what speakers are really selling for and not just listed for and you will see.
Vandersteens and Maggies! Its a shame that Stereophile doesn't keep them on their semi-annual lists because they don't change models so often as to keep them in current review samples.