Speakers under $750.00...Preposterous Notion?

Sometimes an audiophile lives on a $100.00 a week salary (theater wages). When you try to get a serious answer from those who know, they say, "save and get such and such..." Well, my wife disagrees, and for good reason. One must "settle" for products which can be realistically obtained. I think, though that there will be some of you out there who are interested in helping others get truly affordable high-quality gear.
My theory is this: take two hypothetical speaker companies. One starts its entry level model at $1k and proceeds to a flagship going for $50k or more. The other speaker company produces only speakers costing less than $3k. Wouldn't the latter company invest more of its energy into producing true quality at the lower prices (provided it is a relatively good company)?
I'm looking for high-sensitivity (90db or more), wide dynamic range (@35hz-20khz or better), and strong, clear bass. Is all of this too much to ask? Well, here's another request: it would be nice if they're floorstanders since my listening room is about 16'x26'x11'.
I found some speakers @$600.00 in a discount magazine, Athena Technologies Audition AS-F2.2, wonder if they're any good....(must rely on forums...no car to audition speakers in the city with...need water...help....please....)
I would strongly suggest that you buy used speakers, which can be had for pennies on the dollar. Just in the past few years I’ve nabbed Soundwaves (retail $2,600/pr) for $260, Shahinian Diapasons (retail $14,000/pr) for $2,200, a complete Def Tech HT setup ( retail $2,300/pr) for $300, and a Sunfire True sub (retail $1,200) for $195. Some of these were nabbed on the net, and some locally at estate sales. The prices I paid included the shipping, where applicable.

You need to be patient and do a little research, but you can get truly GREAT sound for decent amounts if you’re careful.
Vintage klipsch speakers like Heresy and Forte might work for you, could even have $$$ left over for a Chinese Tube integrated.
I had the Athenas and enjoyed the immensly. Upgraded to Magnepans for more detail. If that's all the money your budget will allow, its a no brainer. They sounded great with tubes too!
There are many great second hand speakers at this price...you have to go a little old that is all.

For example a second hand pair of Energy Pro 22 can probably be found for $200 and would fit your needs. Every now and then a speaker company comes out with a speaker that sounds way to good for its price point. Generally these get phased out as it really messes up the tiering in a manufacturers line up....so just look for some classics that were "best buys" at their time but have since been phased out.