Speakers which always sound good

This is brought up because I'm home shopping, but I'm not actually looking for speakers right now, so please don't take this as a request for advice so much as opinions.

As I shop for homes I've realized how few are really equipped for the audiophile.  Too many fireplaces and windows and damn kitchens and bathrooms placed completely inappropriately for us! :-)

And as you may know, I'm a big fan of appropriate room treatments.

So, wanted to step away from this world for a bit and ask, what are speaker brands that you feel always work?  Or at least, work really well without having to think about the room acoustics or placements?  Reminder that this is 99% of the buying public.  We who have laser line levelers, a closet full of measurement microphones and a chair which bolts our head into a fixed location may not believe it is true, but this is the majority of the buying public. 

What do we, the audiophile community recommend to them to actually be helpful in getting them as many positive music listening experiences as possible?


Open baffles can take much of the room out of it other than needing a front wall to develop a wave. 
Tomavodka, bulls eye! Bose 901's, Musak in its highest form. After the Bose there are a host of excellent computer speakers. Headphones? They make my ears sweat. Actually, good ones make a great reference.
I seems most people are stuck on good old dynamic speakers. What about horns, planars or ESLs?
In order of increasing expense; Klipsch Cornwalls, Magnepan 3.7i, Sound Labs 545, Sound Labs 845
I didn't buy these or try them, but I kept reading that Ohm speakers are very friendly with different rooms, and have ways to adjust them on the back of some (all?) models. 

What you are describing is Vandersteen’s. All you have to do is break down the numbers. Length of time the design has held up, number of speakers sold and number still being sold. A speaker Company that will fit any budget. They will work with room treatments and still sound good without. Even have a bookshelf or spouse friendly option.