speakers with BAT

I currently have a pair of Meadowlark Kestrel 2's that I'm driving with a BAT VK60 and VK3(the vk3 is going up for sale when my vk30 arrives this week!) and a Simaudio Moon Orion as the source. They really sound good at moderate levels but strain a bit at higher settings. The bass is also not the best, so I'm thinking of trying something else. I'm looking for opinions or experience with speaker matching with BAT, as I really like their products and don't want to switch components. Wilson Watt 3 Puppy 2's seem to be going fairly cheap, and I'm interested if anyone has ran them with BAT. Any advice would help.
One piece of advice. Make sure you hang on to that VK3 until the 30 arrives. I was in the same situation a few years ago with a VK-3i and a VK-30 that I won from the Audio Revolution website (that's right, it was FREE). I sold the 3i too soon, it was clearly better than the VK-30 which I kept for only a month. The 30 had an upper midrange glare that I could never get rid of. It sounded more like a poorly designed SS preamp than a tube preamp.

Just my thoughts.

Thanks for the tip. I don't plan on selling until everything goes through, but I'm curious if you tried different tubes (not that you should have to) to remedy the problem.
Sorry, don't have any experience with the older WP's. And yes, the VK60 drove the Virgo's incredibly well. I also used a VK200 on the virgo's. I like the VK60 better. But again, the VK200 had better bass control. Everything else, the VK60 did better.
Thanks, I really want to pick up the 3.2's and try them out. Half the fun to me is switching gear around in hopes of finding that sound we all seem to be in search of.
I did try several NOS tubes but could not achieve the sound I wanted. So I sold it and moved on.

BTW, the BAT can be bettered by a good TVC. I currently have a custom preamp using the TX-102s from S&B and there is no paramater you care to mention where it doesn't handily dispatch the BAT. And most other active preamps too.