Speakers with closest sound of Tannoy KensingtonGR

Dear all,
Just went to a local dealer and heard Tannoy Kensington GR driven by the Airtight amp with EL 34 tube (forgot the name).
I was impressed by the sound but my room can't accommodate its size.

Anybody can advice more compact floor stander speakers with similar sonic signature of Tannoy Kensington GR?

Thanks in advance for any advice

I know there are some strict audiophile rules but as you can see I'm not that extreme. My entire front wall has red acoustic carpet to help absorb sound so I'm not so worried about the refection from my leather couch and tv. I thought about the rack between speakers with my turntable about 2 feet from the speakers might have some issues. Turned up the volume upto 112db from the listening position with out any problem. The Mapleshades rack did its job. All I have to do is enjoy the music. BTW thank you for advising =)
Great video, I enjoyed it a lot. Thanks for sharing.
(I wouldn't change a thing)
Thank you Sebrof. The only thing I upgraded was the Clearaudio Concept to Clearaudio Performance DC with Concerto V2 cartridge.
That's a good table. But, I would have went one model up. That would be the Ovation...

I was actually thinking Innovation Compact with double tonearm for MM and MC catridge.