Speakers with deep/powerful bass

I used to have a system with large speakers. Each speaker had two 12" woofers. When I would play Hard as a Rock from the AC-DC BallBreaker CD there was a moment at 35 seconds into the song when it felt like someone was jumping on the floor behind me. This would only happen if my JPS Labs Golden Flutes were looped into the system, and it was playing very loud. Without the Golden Flutes it didn't happen. It was a truly frightening experience the first time it happened, because I was home alone. Has anyone else had anything like this occur?


I like my older JBL's. I have a pair of L100T's and a pair of L100T3's. Even at low volume I can feel a can of soda vibrating in my hand when listening. At high volume pictures hanging on the wall have crashed to the floor. Got rid of the pictures, LOL!

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older Vegas are rock/metal monster machines! Even though they are labeled as efficient I’ve found they really come alive with some real power. 

Totally agree - classic L100s and cerwin Vegas were called party speakers for a reason. 

the track I like is “coming in from the cold” intro by bob Marley. It’s by big bass speaker test track.