Speakers with deep/powerful bass

I used to have a system with large speakers. Each speaker had two 12" woofers. When I would play Hard as a Rock from the AC-DC BallBreaker CD there was a moment at 35 seconds into the song when it felt like someone was jumping on the floor behind me. This would only happen if my JPS Labs Golden Flutes were looped into the system, and it was playing very loud. Without the Golden Flutes it didn't happen. It was a truly frightening experience the first time it happened, because I was home alone. Has anyone else had anything like this occur?


I have a pair of AR303s that are driven by a Parasound Halo A21. 12" woofer acoustic suspension "Bookshelf". They are set 4 feet above the floor. Enough bass to shake the room with the right song or movie. No subwoofer needed.

Just buy some Svs 4000 or ultra subs they will go lower and with more impact 

with their high current amplifiers built in and 13-16 inch drivers 

buying 2 will balance out the rooms Bass.

I love my KEF Blades!  Great bass for sure and it fills my room and sounds amazing.  Definitely the most full range speakers I’ve ever had.

Used a 25 inch sub for dances for a while.  Could rattle every window in the whatever venue I was in if you let it.  Not intentional, but cracked a plate glass window doing a wedding dance at a Holiday Inn once.  Used a Phase Linear amp on it, high damping factor, had good control over the sub! 

In 1991, I had Cerwin Vegas.  They could rip the roof off and keep going. So much fun.  Funny thing is, they really weren't that bad of a hifi speaker. They weren't great either but they were all around serviceable.