Speakers with fullness and weight?

I've always made a concerted effort to hear as many speakers as I can, but I've only found a few lines that have some of the qualities I particularly value. Quite a bit of my music collection includes modern alternative rock/electronic that is a lot less enjoyable when played back on speakers that are too honest (read: thin sounding). My current speakers (Vienna Acoustics Mozart SEs) really give the music a weight and solidity that is often hard for me to find in hifi. I love how the drums give a really hefty thunk, and guitars seem full and rich rather than nasally. This probably just correlates to an increased midbass and relaxed treble, but all the same, any suggestions of other brands would be appreciated. Older Monitor Audio speakers also seem to have this characteristic.
I have what you looking for i t is not famous brand but you
have to listen if you live in NY area
Great thread, posts, contributions and experiences. This describes my journey and arrival at what I presently have. More threads should be like this.

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Von Schweikert speakers are full and also have too my ears especially excellent percussion. Every time I hear VSRs I comment to myself how satisfying the percussion is to me. They are sweet and natural too from the mids to the highest highs.
Tone is everything in a home audio system, If you do not have this first, nothing else matters, Its not music!, take for instance, a mesa-boggie tube guitar amp and a Marshall tube amp to me has the real tonality compaired to a solid state guitar amp!, A gibson Les paul with a mesa-boggie are marshall amp as far as rock-n-roll goes, Is the shitt!, real music!, same thing can be said in the comparison with home audio that has been stated in the above threads!, the rich, full, mid-range to die for, tonality is like the guitar amp differences!, This is what I designed my system to sound like!, I am a musician, I care less whats suppose to be accurate, analitical detail, thin, no body, no bass, no mids on vocals to bring you to tears, that is not music!