Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)

Anyone care to give their opinion on what dynamic speaker has the most detailed/revealing midrange? Not including electrostatics or planar speakers. Approximately between the frequencies of 400Hz to 3kHz. Also, just to clarify what I mean by detail: when there is a musical passage that entails many different layers of instruments, the speakers' ability to separate all the elements so all the instruments are heard clearly and nothing is obscured. Also the ability to retrieve every last bit of information on a recording, such as random sounds in the studio, distortion in recordings and reverb tails.

As far as price goes... 2 categories... below $12,000 USD (new) and any price range. Thanks.
Every so often I put away my shop bought things, and pull out my home-made Dallas II rear-loaded horns. Couple hundred bucks of construction ply, glue, wire, and mahogany stain, and the best Fostex 8” drivers I could afford.
Yeh, I eventually miss the bass; but the mid range you get from a well built, wide range, cross-over-less, horn loaded driver is a beautiful thing.
I have heard a number of dynamic speakers with extraordinary detail through the midrange but none that have sounded musically correct to my ear. They either have a very forward presentation and/or provide an unbalanced perspective and/or have incorrect tone. I'm not sure I could live with a speaker that emphasizes midrange detail at the expense of other sonic parameters. I'd much rather have slightly less information but a balanced presentation that gets the tone throughout the mids correct. Speaker design is all about tradeoffs....