Speakers with the most detailed midrange? (non-ESL/planar)

Anyone care to give their opinion on what dynamic speaker has the most detailed/revealing midrange? Not including electrostatics or planar speakers. Approximately between the frequencies of 400Hz to 3kHz. Also, just to clarify what I mean by detail: when there is a musical passage that entails many different layers of instruments, the speakers' ability to separate all the elements so all the instruments are heard clearly and nothing is obscured. Also the ability to retrieve every last bit of information on a recording, such as random sounds in the studio, distortion in recordings and reverb tails.

As far as price goes... 2 categories... below $12,000 USD (new) and any price range. Thanks.
Salk Sound's Song 3A will do the trick.. Starting just over $4100 for the pair.. Super detailed full range speakers.. 
Someone mentioned NEAR 10m monitors.   Their driver technology was unique and based on patents from Bozak regarding cone construction and rigidity.   

I have a pair and they were my primary speakers for several years.   I liked the sound and they did have a nice midrange.  

However, a pair of Celestian 100 monitors were a significant improvement in all areas except sensitivity- They need a lot of power.   

The Celestians were replaced
by a pair of Triangle Titus 202.   These are my current monitors.   Outstanding midrange.  Outstanding clarity.  
Outstanding transient response.   
Very sensitive and easy to drive.   
Bass is lacking (rolls off below 60hz).

i set up a computer audio system in my office and initially tried the NEAR 10m pr.   After not hearing them for several years I found them to be veiled with a vague soundstage.  

I came across a pair of Spica TC50 at a great price and found these to be an ideal speaker for my computer system.   Great midrange.  Great clarity.  Great soundstage- almost holographic in the near field.  

While many have mentioned ATC monitors and various BBC related L/S derivatives, I am surprised no one mentioned the BBC LS3/5a.   This is supposed to be the quintessential midrange monitor.   It was explicitly designed for highly accurate reproduction of the human voice in a near field environment.   Many listeners agree that the LS3/5a gets the midrange "right".  

My vote would be for the LS3/5a, Triangle Titus 202 and Spica TC50

Good Luck. 
Respectfully I think  real magic works when achieving this ideal midrange with a speaker that a working stiff can afford, say under $2K instead of $12K... I'd be interested in those recommendations 

I posted about ow happy I am with Emerald Physics KCIIs but neglected  to post MSRP for standard flat black finish is  $1995. Underwood is offering a pair with super cool finish for $1995 right now. My friend has those and hey look amazing