Speakers with warm treble and good bass

I've been on the hunt now for a several years, attempting to find speakers that match the criteria of having good bass and soft, warm treble output.  A good liquid midrange with good texture and timbre separation is another top priority.  The speakers I have owned and tried:

Paradigm Studio 60 v3
LSA 1 Standard Edition Monitors
Totem Staff
Golden Ear Triton 3
Vandersteen 2ce Sig ii
Tekton Pendragon
Acoustic Zen Adagio
Spatial Audio Hologram M3 Turbo S

Out of all of those, the most enjoyable due to warmest sound signature was the LSA 1 monitors.  Of course those were the most deficient in bass out of that entire list.  Contrary to that, the Golden Ear Triton 3 had the best bass (obviously, due to the built-in powered subs).  The Adagios had the best detail and least distortion, but were a bit too analytical in the end for my tastes.

So far, surprisingly, the speakers that seem to get the best blend of everything for my tastes have been the Paradigm Studio 60 v3.  These are not "reference level" speakers by any means, but they achieve a nice balance of detail, dynamics, bass, and have a surprisingly good midrange.  Unfortunately, the pesky metal dome tweeter has gotten on my last nerve during many listening sessions.  

I am trying to stay in the price range of the aforementioned speakers.  What suggestions do you all have for speakers that can meet this criteria for a smooth, dynamic, and warm sound?

What's the rest of your system ? Can you please list the components in order to better offer up some suggestions, or at least point you in the right direction?

what you are seeking -- warm treble and good bass -- is a product of system synergy produced by the whole kit , as the components all have their respective sonic signatures.

JM Reynaud comes to mind, go to Amherst Audio and read what Bob Neill says

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The rest of my system:

Rogue Audio Chronus Magnum II Integrated Tube Amp
PS Audio DirectStream DAC
Acoustic Zen Satori Speaker Cables

As for the Pendragons, I felt that they had too much of an "up front" sound in the midrange, at least in my listening room.  The cabinets in them resonate quite a lot, and they really load the room with sound.  I think ideally you need a massive room to use them comfortably.  They did have excellent bass and a smooth treble, however.
Sounds like you may want to go British. Monitor Audio is a good place to start.  Their metal domes are a lot easier to get along with, IMHO. Whatever resonance they may have is far out of band.

I published a kit that you would also really like, free and online, but with a 5" woofer it's going to be a little bass shy.