Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice

Hello All: Many of us have limited access/ability to audition multiple speakers brands. That got me to thinking- If one had a budget of $20K max, a solid state amp rated at 125WPC, and listened to all varieties of music (primarily rock, pop, folk), what speaker(s) would you be most willing to recommend to that person and feel confident they would be happy with the purchase?


+1.5 for Volti Rivals! (. 5 for the Razz). I really enjoy mine! Of course, it’s a matter of taste. If you value the utmost in hyper detailed, bat worthy high frequency extension & a highly mirror, polished statuesque pieces of furniture, then many of the fine speakers mentioned would work well. If you value, imo, music that sounds close to live w/ outstanding dynamics, full bodied sound not requiring heroic amplification, check out Volti. 

I recently asked a similar question.  The brands that kept coming to the top of the list were Joseph, Magico, Borresen, and I do think the Revel Ultima noted above fits here also.  


Pre owned is a great recommendation.  Speakers come down to personal preference and advice on speakers is almost always colored by the preferences of whoever is giving the advice.  Electronica and room acoustics also play a big role as well.  Spending 20 k on speakers you haven’t heard seems crazy unless you have a trial period. 

I’ve had Focal, Alta Audio and Omega speakers.  You’ll find a loyal following for all of them, they all have a unique sound signature, dans if one are not likely fans of the others but that doesn’t mean that are all not great speakers.  

Good Luck! 


Your post (question) sounds like a fishing expedition to me.  Particularly the "If one had a budget of $20K max".  Not being snarky. 

My advice is to get a map and spend a good while, days at least, and mark all the audio stores that are within striking distance by car.  Exhaust those stores and then go flying to get to the next level.

The best advice above is to go to the Florida show, which includes another great piece from above. Spend $1k on your search and $19K on speakers.