Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice

Hello All: Many of us have limited access/ability to audition multiple speakers brands. That got me to thinking- If one had a budget of $20K max, a solid state amp rated at 125WPC, and listened to all varieties of music (primarily rock, pop, folk), what speaker(s) would you be most willing to recommend to that person and feel confident they would be happy with the purchase?


Wilson Sabrina X , come to mind $20k

B&W 803 mk4 around $20 k 

MBL 120 monitors around $22k with stands.

MBL 126 Omni directional monitors $16500 with stands 

for 1/2 that the Perlisten R7 towers $10k

open baffle Spatial audio Labs $10 k 

Lot of great choices......here are few brands I enjoy:



Sonus Faber 

Couple of add on:

Make sure that your amp and the speakers are a great match and play well together.  For example, Audio Research and Wilson, McIntosh and Sonus Faber, etc.  Do demo your amp brand with your speaker options, it matters.  Lastly, save $ for some nice speaker cables.  For example, Wilson Audio uses Transparent cables in their speakers.  Also, Transparent will bias your cables to match your speaker and amp.  

Good Luck and tell us what you decide to do!!

Fritz. Von Lange, small, deep bass and awesome soundstage 



yg summit 

I recently acquired a pair of Marten Parker Duos and matching stands for about that much, and I am extremely happy with them. I auditioned them at a dealer along with speakers from YG and Dynaudio, and the Marten sound appealed to me more for rock music, which is mostly what I listen to; they rock out even at lower volumes; I've got a 200 wpc SS amp, but I'd think they'd do perfectly well with 125 wpc. 

I'd take a trip to FLA to shop $40k speakers selling for $15k, in fact I'd make it an annual event.