Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice

Hello All: Many of us have limited access/ability to audition multiple speakers brands. That got me to thinking- If one had a budget of $20K max, a solid state amp rated at 125WPC, and listened to all varieties of music (primarily rock, pop, folk), what speaker(s) would you be most willing to recommend to that person and feel confident they would be happy with the purchase?


There's nothing wrong with Wilson speakers.  I've had a pair of Sophias for a long time, 10 years, and am totally happy with them. But that choice was after a long search and lots of listening.  I agree with auditioning them yourself. The more the better. Eventually one set will stand out.

As an example, I've played classical guitar for decades.  Having done so, I would never buy a guitar that I've not personally had in my hands and played to get the feel and how it responds to my hands and sense of warmth and musicality.

Choosing speakers is like that. It's a personal journey, one that you need to take to be really sure you're making not only the right choice, but the right choice for you.

Best of luck!


Wilson Benesch Vector - Ability to play at all volume settings with low distortion, low coloration and transparency. Dynamics, Tonal balance, Large soundstage, Unfussy placement, Overall quality.

Harbeth speakers, the model should be determined by your room size. These speaker’s make everything song amazing. They are universally acknowledged as seductivie, musical, and able to engage beautifully all types of music. The 40.2s I think are around 15 K. Happy hunting!

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You simply can't go wrong with a Wilson Audio speaker.  The Sabrina X will fir your budget, or you may consider a used Sasha.