Speakers - Your "Safest" Choice

Hello All: Many of us have limited access/ability to audition multiple speakers brands. That got me to thinking- If one had a budget of $20K max, a solid state amp rated at 125WPC, and listened to all varieties of music (primarily rock, pop, folk), what speaker(s) would you be most willing to recommend to that person and feel confident they would be happy with the purchase?


You simply can't go wrong with a Wilson Audio speaker.  The Sabrina X will fir your budget, or you may consider a used Sasha. 

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Late here but agree that Sonus Faber would be hard not to like and they are easy on the eyes.

Focal's are faster and for rock  music may be the ticket.

Klipschorns (latest iteration) or Fleetwood Deville's would be the way to go keeping in mind horn sound is different.  For that room Klipshorns would move the air.

Bang for your buck would be Big Revel's.




"I meant this question to be taken hypothetically..."

A bunch of you guys must have missed this tidbit...