Special birthday audio gift to yourself?

Just turned the big 50, and for some 30 years have always wanted a tube based audio system. I have paired a 55 watt SQ-88 integrated tube amp with a pair of Von Schweikert VRjr4's. Very musical combination.Certainly the best birthday present to myself ever. Wondered what special somethin..somethin..others have treated themselves too for their speacial day.
A Rogue Audio Cronus for my 52nd, and a Rega P3-24/Exact 2 for my 54th. My 55th is coming up in December, and as an advanced gift, I'm getting the HRT Music Streamer II. It's my first try with "computer audio" and I'll be hooking up an old laptop to my Cronus with the Streamer and set of AudioQuest Sidewinder IC's.
It should be fun, although I will always remain a devoted analog vinyl listener.
Not a birthday present, but treated myself to a small Emotiva amp to power the secondary output of my integrated amp. This for Father's day, more fun than a new tie.
I give myself presents 3 times a year :-) Last time i bought a set of B&w 800 diamond.