Specific needs for a new preamp...

I'm looking for a solid state preamp (or a tube preamp that sounds close to a solid state preamp with just a touch of warmth) to mate with a Threshold SA/4e.

The preamp needs to have the following:

1. XLR output impedance around 50-100 ohms (the 4e has an XLR input impedance of 600 ohms).
2. No DC offset/leakage (the 4e is DC coupled).
3. Remote control of (at least) volume/gain.
4. Phono stage would be nice.
5. Spend around $3500 (would like to buy new but will consider used).

Does a preamp like this exist?
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Rowland Synergy IIi, but it doesn't have a phono stage. With companion Rowland Cadence phono stage, it would cost roughly $4,000-$4,500 used. Other than the darTZeel and Rowland's Coherence II (my preamp), it is the only consumer preamp I am aware of with a 50 Ohm output impedance. In fact, it was built to be used with Rowland's Model 2/6/8/9 amps, which all have 600 Ohm input impedences.

The Rowland is very well built and I would not worry about buying used, especially because it is powered up constantly (no on/off switch) and thus can't be abused by the owner turning it off and on.
Thanks. Hmmm. I remember the Coherence well - back in the day.

Haven't looked at Rowland stuff in a while. Seems like I need to do some looking around. =)
Anyone have an opinion on the Simaudio Moon P5.3? It appears that it has a 50ohm RCA and 100ohm XLR output impedance.
Current Rowland Capri may also match your reqs. Fully differentially balanced. Output impedance of 80Ohms balanced. Remote control. Cost approx $2500 new in black livery. Optional phono stage card costs $350. I have commented abundantly on this pre on other threads. The device requires well over 500 hrs to break in. . . assume 3 or more months of significant use before it stabilizes.