Specific needs for a new preamp...

I'm looking for a solid state preamp (or a tube preamp that sounds close to a solid state preamp with just a touch of warmth) to mate with a Threshold SA/4e.

The preamp needs to have the following:

1. XLR output impedance around 50-100 ohms (the 4e has an XLR input impedance of 600 ohms).
2. No DC offset/leakage (the 4e is DC coupled).
3. Remote control of (at least) volume/gain.
4. Phono stage would be nice.
5. Spend around $3500 (would like to buy new but will consider used).

Does a preamp like this exist?
Ag insider logo xs@2xedwyun
Yep, the on/off switch is there. However, if I might nit pick I'm curious why:

1. When engaging the balance control on the remote the display does not show the tracking (if only temporarily).

2. Why you cannot switch phase via remote.

If I'm missing something here let me know, but these features would be nice.
Hi Clio, you make very good points. The lack of phase
inversion on Capri remote is a little annoying. . . and so is any lack of balance tracking on the display. The lack of phase inversion toggle on the remote has historical origins. . . Capri, being an 'entry level' product, has inherited a minimalistic remote created in 1994, when phase inversion was not yet popular. I believe the new Continuum has a new remote with phase control.
Guido, thanks for the tip on the back panel. I had read there was not one and as a result, never looked for one, just assuming the review was accurate. I am actually happy to hear this for when the entire family is out of town, it is much easier to turn devices off than unplug everything. Clio, I too wish the phase inversion was available via the remote, which in my opinion is really helpful for determining the correct phase - for hearing the difference.