Specs on PSE Studio Mark IV

Hi folks,

I have a PSE Studio Mark IV driving my Thiels that I am happy with. I am playing around with putting a simple preamp in place of my receiver (Outlaw 1050).

One option that I'm considering is going passive so that my cd player has a more direct connection to the amp.

But, I don't have any literature on the amp. Does anyone have the specs on this amp that they could share with me to help in matching for impedence and capacitance? (which I think are the critical aspects of matching for a passive system if I understand all that I've been reading)

My cd player is the NAD 540 which has 2.2 volt output with 300 ohm impedance.

Anyone else gone passive into the PSE?

I'm also considering a small tube preamp and am toying with the idea of DIY for either the passive or the tube.


I've used my PSE with virtually every combination. Currently it is powering my whole house audio system. It is an amazing difference when compared to the last 2 amps I used (QSC & Yamaha).
It was an amazing match with my Vandersteens but a little soft with Soliloquys. It should be an amazing match to Thiels. I've used it with pre's from Sherbourne, Yamaha, Denon, Audio Research (2B & 6C), Anthem and cd direct. I'm yet to find a source I haven't liked. The closest I'd compare it to is a Robertson twenty twenty.

Keep it, play with it. 100 wpc at 8ohms. 4 ohms wasn't quite double if I recall. Sorry, no manual.
I have a PSE Studio IV driving Vandy 2CIs in a small office setting. It is an absolutely transparent amp with smooth extended trebles and deep, rich bass tones. Anyone that owns this amp will probably never want to give it up.

The specs are:

Output Operation is A/AB
Continuous Average is 100 watts into 8 ohms and 195 watts into 4 ohms
Current is 18 amps continuous into 8 ohms for over 1 minute
Rated THD is 0.01%
Rated Slew Rate is 100 V/uS
Rated Power Bandwidth is 0 hz to 100 khz
All direct coupled (no capacitors in the signal path)
Front end uses Class A FET which means high input impedance (which avoids interaction with cables and preamps)
Amp is stable into all speaker loads

There is a Stereophile Review of this amp (VOl.13, No.1, (Jan. 1990)
Hi Guys,
Thank you so much for the information. I remember an audio saleman telling me a long time ago that a good amp will really make a big difference in sound. I sort of blew him off until I got the PSE a couple of years ago. It is incredible with my Thiels. I plan on keeping the PSE for a a long, long time. I've finally gotten to the point of wanting to play around with the front end of the system.

I made a couple of simple attenuator lines to test the input from the cd player directly into the amp and could hear a distinct difference even though it used ultra cheap rca cable, $3.00 pots from Radio Shack, crap solder, and a less then good soldering job. The 10K pots do the trick. Hopefully in a couple of weeks and I'll have the parts that I'll need and have the box put together.

Thanks again,

The PSE studio IV has been in my setup for almost 20 years driving my Vandersteen 2ci's. The amp is now driving a pair of Magnepan 3.6r planars with good sound.

I'm hoping to find another studio IV to bi-amp these power hungry Maggies.
I just recently picked up a PSE Studio IV amp and can agree with every positive thing that has been said so far. It is so musical with pace & drive, a real toe tapper to listen to and prefered it over a Stereophile Class A recommended amp I owned previously. Superb texturing and layering of the music coupled with a huge soundstage, definately a keeper!