Spectacular Drum Set?

Could any of you guys recommend a truly spectacular, explosive drum set on CD, recorded in state-of-the-art, demonstration-quality sound?
Cut #4, "C'era Una Strega," on Round About Midsummer's Dream by Gianluigi Trovesi Nonet.

The entire CD is dynamic & well recorded.

Available through Enja records http://www.enjarecords.com/c9384.htm

Highly recommended!
The drum solo towards the end of "The Maker" on Spyboy by Emmylou Harris. Great drumming on a truly great song. Very nicely recorded too with some super bass.

Buddy Rich's work on the Audio Fidelity SACD "Buddy Rich With The Best Band I Ever Had" (AFZ003) is excellent. This is a very honest drum recording, but maybe not in the "spectacular" category.

Nardis on Patricia Barber's Cafe Blue CD (and SACD and album). Not a typical drum solo but very much "in the room". Good luck in your search.