Spectral DMA 200

Have recently acquired a Spectral DMA 200 amp and can’t hardly find any information about this amp. I call the manufacturer and was a dead end. Per chance would anyone know where to source an owners manual/spec sheet? Any info would be much appreciated. Many thanks

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You need to use a Spectral preamp and MIT cables with it.  If not, the amp can be driven into oscillation easily.  Have you checked out Audio Circle, there may be a Spectral group there?

Spectral does not work on older gear since they can no longer get the parts.  Goodwins Highend may be able to help if anyone can. 

I have a copy of a copy of the Spectral DMA-200 Operation and Maintenance Manual. Some guy in Germany was kind enough to send me a copy when he was selling his amp. There is NO wiring diagram, just 11 pages of words. I can send it to you or try to email it whichever works best. I have tried to find a copy online to no avail. Spectral Audio is absolutely no help. The DMA 200 is an orphan.