Spectral DMA 360 Series 2 with Aerial 20T

Just bought a pair of spectral 360 series 2 amps. All spectral system. I'm considering the aerial 20ts speakers. The Avalon really didn't do it for me I'm looking for a little more weight in the bottom end. I heard the aerial 20 Tswith krell and just wonder if anyone has heard the Spectral gear with the Aerial
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Which Avalon model did you hear? Aerial are nice but you may want to try a B&W 800 Diamond series.

Normally Spectral gears are matched with Wilson Audio speakers like Maxx3, Sasha, and Sophia. I believe Wilson speakers usually have more weight at the bottom.
I love my AErial 20 t's have had them for 8 years and i do have the series 2. I have never heard the spectrals on them would be nice to hear.
I heard the Aerial 10T with an all Spectral system back in the '90s and it sounded great. Based on that listening experience I would certainly have the 20T on my audition list.