Spectron MIII mk II owner's question.

Spectron MIII mk II owners are you in the process of looking at other amps to replace your Spectrons ?
Do you feel that your search is over, a bit from over or far from over ?

My answer is after working with several name brands amps, Spectrons are the last amps that I will ever own.
End of the line for me.
My ownership is about 3 years and since then I never became interested in something else.

Apart from the musical presentation this amp is physically easy to move around and really does not occupy space, low heat output and I never switch them off.

I like to find out how much are other satisfied.
Thank you.
same here.

My B&W802 Diamond need and power and finesse and I have it all in spades!
I've had my Musician III Mk2...oh...three plus years and have had no desire to change it. It effortlessly powers every speaker I've used with plenty of headroom to spare. A single unit is great (and a needed space saver for my audio rack.) I still own and occasionally put in my system a Cary V12R tube amp because of the lush, totally seductive mid range it has, but it does not have the power to really make my current speakers (maggie 3.6) sing.
BTW... a couple of years ago Simon T. at Spectron sent me some perfectly-sized copper spades, which I had Paul Speltz (Anti-Cables) attach to those cables...never looked back when it comes to speaker cabling.
I've had mine for about a year and a half and have no desire to change. I am running it with Audio Research LS 26.
Just for the purpose of added info on this thread, I will add the post of a previous owner of a pair of Spectron monoblocs (on which I've inquired to him at the time).

07-18-10: Radicalsteve

I owned the Spectrons (monoblocks with bybee and v-caps) with my CLX's. They were very nice with my ML ReQuests, but with the enormous resolving power of the CLX's I found the Spectrons were brittle, lacking in depth and sounding strained. With my dealer we did a side by side comparison with my Plinius SA-250 and frankly is was no contest, the Plinius won hands down, especially in weight, nuance and texture.

We thought that the Spectrons were challenged to deliver current across the impedance curve of the speakers, although the CLX's are not that hard to drive. I used to be a big supporter of Spectrons, and they sound very transparent at first blush, but after a while I realized they lack substance when driving electrostatics or ribbons.

Now my dealer has Bel Canto's with Soundlabs at home (he needs to get the CLX's!) and that combo is very nice - and based on that listening experience I would reank the Bel Canto's ahead of the Spectrons.

In any event, I would not recommend the Spectrons with CLX's, you will either sell the amps or the speakers!