Spectron versus Gryphon Callisto

I own the Callisto 2100 and love it. But I am haunted with the reality that Von Schweikert voiced the VR4 HSE III using the Spectron Musician II. Having worked for Jim Thiel, knowing that he uses a host of amps to check relative sounds, for the obvious reason, I wonder if anyone out there has ever compaired the digital amp from John Ulrich, Spectron, with the Gryphon. This is really silly since the Gryphon outdistances almost every separate combination I have ever put together over the past 20 plus years, and it is a wonderful piece. But, like the guy in Dirty Harry said, "I gotts to know." I spoke to Greg Weaver who reviewed the VSA, and then reviewed the Spectron. While he loves the Spectron he has not experienced the Gryphon. This is only Holy Grail pursuit, and not worth your time, but if anyone out there knows, please let me know.
I can't comment on the Gryphon, but have tried MANY others on my VR4 IIIHSE's, and have found my Spectron Musician II
to out-shine all of the solid state amps I have tried by a good margin... Detail is amazing, ditto for the bass, and mids and highs are SMOOTH as silk, never edgy. The amp is far underpriced for the quality of sound that it produces.
Give one a try, you won't regret it!
As a dealer for both VSA and Spectron and Goldmiund(not familiar with the Gryphon) I can tell you that the Spectron and VSA do match very well.But even better is the Stellavox,or JOB.Quicker,better high end.Price point is similar but less wattage,but does not really matter as the VSA is efficient.Both these pieces are off shoots of Goldmund and are pretty much as good as it gets at that price point.
I contacted Specton to get their impressions of your comments and they tell me that you are not a dealer of Spectron, and that you are also not a dealer of Bel Canto. Why are you intentionally misleading people?
It is a matter of public record which lines you do and do not carry, and easily verifiable. This should be fair notice to anyone who would deal with you that you are not honest in your replies. Shame on you for lying to us. Most of those who inquire are seriously in need of help. Your obvious obfuscation is unfair, and a short lived way of doing business.
What possible excuse could you have for doing this?