spend on the streamer or on the DAC ?

I a considering splashing north of 5000 (euro) for a new source for my rig (MOOON 340i, OPERA QUINTA speaker, McIntosh SACD, Node2). Better to spend more for the DAC or the streamer ? I was thinking about a Schitt yggrasil.Or would it make sense to spalsh on a more expensive DAC and use the Node2 as a streamer, or, for that matter, stream from my Macbook Pro. Regards.
I’ve got the Node2. There is no difference in sound quality between it and the 2i. For its price point the DAC in the Node2 is fine. It was a big jump recently adding an MHDT Tube Orchid (tube is on analog stage) DAC. I like having the streamer and DAC separate anyway. In this setup my Node2 does the full MQA unfolding before sending it to the DAC (via digital coax). Just changing the tube on the DAC changes the sound dramatically. I couldn’t be happier with the setup I have now.
I am in a similar situation but my issue is streamers....DAC locked in in kii speakers.  

Would I have a decent bang for the buck moving from a blusound streamer built into a NAD amp to a dCS network bridge?
My experience has been DAC for sure has the greatest impact on sound quality. I am a big fan of Chord dacs. Streamers I would put more emphasis on user interface and hard to beat Node 2i in that area.