Spending a month's salary

I don't have much experience as an audiophile. Based on my research, the bulk of spend should be on fine speakers. I have $20k to invest in either a superior AMP, DAC or pair of speakers. What to do?

My room is on the smaller side, listening position is about 7-8ft from the speakers. I suppose bookshelf speakers are appropriate. Right side speaker is very close to side wall <1ft. Left side is open to 6-8ft. Back wall is about 10 ft from listening position. Speakers sit about 3ft from front wall.

My current setup:

Revel 106 speakers

Parasound P6 pre and A21+ amp

Node 130 streamer w/ upgraded Teddy PS

AQ cable loom.

I prefer bookshelfs given my room. Separates are ideal, though I would like to consider an all in one like a Boulder 866.

Which component is most important. I'm not looking to have an unbalanced system. Eg. $15k speakers and a $500 DAC.

Appreciate any insight.




netting 20K a month puts you somewhere in the 36th percentile of all of the active  audiogon users...

Oh, sorry what was the question?

I have speakers to meet you requerements  , You can come tomorrow and listen in Brooklyn in my show room 

No doubt that this is a lot money to spend.

The title is a bit of sarcasm. Some have the cash to make rash decisions. This hobby can get one in deep trouble. 

This board is a great resource. I don’t have a local hifi shop to visit. Thanks for all the suggestions. 


@vonhelmholtz AnaDioLog posted a follow up video review comparing the DAC 200 and Holo May in more depth. Unfortunately, while the DAC 200 offers six different DAC filters for the users to choose from, he decided to go with the most basic NOS filter. As a result, user comments are polarized between the two DACs. T+A put a heck of a lot of effort in the two “Bezier” upsampling filters and is a contributing characteristic to both its quality and cost. The fact that these are ignored in the reviews in my opinion undercuts the capability of the DAC, and I lost a bit of respect in the reviewer for not even considering or mentioning them. With them enabled, I think the DAC performance steps up even further by a significant margin. 

Having owned a Audiostore and 40 years in Audio ,here my recommendation For synergy .

Your source makes or breaks your system , and your speakers equally important 

buy the excellent Marten Oscar duo standmounts , and maybe a Svs SB-4000 powered sub with great app, for digital  if youhave the funds the T+A 200 dac, if-not 

the Denafrips Terminator-2 dac  a excellent duo just look up the reviews !!